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Sidra - Nestor Lasso 200g

Sidra - Nestor Lasso 200g

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Roaster Kawa
Varietal Sidra
Process Natural process
Country Colombia
Region Huila, Colombia
Producer Nestor Lasso
Roast date 2022-06-30
We taste Straberry, cacao, rose

From Kawa:

"A Sidra with notes of strawberry, rose liqueur & slightly cocoa. A specially roasted coffee for the filter that will delight your taste buds."

"Nestor, 22, represents El Diviso, his family farm in southwestern Colombia, which is run by himself, his brother Adrian and his father Jose. While Adrian and Jose manage the day-to-day practices of the farm, Nestor focuses primarily on the tasting labs where he samples roasts, cups and explores new process/profile possibilities."

"The philosophy of El Diviso is to be progressive and discover new methods to improve cup quality while acknowledging traditional definitions, but not being bound by them. The group rigorously experiments with the process, the fermentation and the different microorganisms to create what they hope will be unique, world-renowned cup profiles."

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