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Lolita 150g

Lolita 150g

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Roaster DAK
Varietal Gesha
Process Natural process
Country Bolivia
Region Caranavi, Bolivia
Producer Los Rodriguez family
We taste Lychee, lemongrass, jasmine and orange blossom

From DAK: "A delicious and outstanding Gesha from Los Rodriguez family in Bolivia. A wonderful balance between lychee and lemongrass notes and florals such as jasmine and orange blossom.

"Our very first collaboration with Agricafé - a Bolivian family business that produces coffee from its own farms and sources high-quality micro-lots from small producers in the regions of Los Yungas and Santa Cruz. As pioneers within South American specialty coffee, Agricafe initially entered the coffee industry in 1986, when Pedro Rodriguez decided to pursue his passion for agriculture. Over 34 years later, he has seen and lived the ups and downs of Bolivian coffee and is now working along with his daughter Daniela and his son Pedro Pablo. The trio runs the company with the idea of restoring and improving Bolivian coffee by launching producer training programs and planting its own farms across the above-mentioned regions. This geisha was fermented using completely natural methods – with nothing added to the tank during the fermentation process. The fermentation took place in a special stainless steel tank, where the temperature, time and PH were controlled."

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