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El Vergel 200g

El Vergel 200g

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Roaster Kawa
Varietal Caturra
Process Natural process
Country Colombia
Region Tolima, Colombia
Producer El Vergel
Roast date 2022-06-29
We taste Grenadine, guava

From Kawa:

"A natural anaerobic Colombian coffee with notes of grenadine and guava. A rich, round coffee that is perfect for filter."

"This micro-lot from the EL VERGEL farm is surrounded by guava trees, which gives this coffee one of the most intensely fruity profiles on the estate. Planted in 2016 and 2018 with a quantity of over 40,000 plants, this batch was one of the best in the field to experiment with handling larger batches."

"This coffee is transformed by a unique method on this estate. This consists of a special anaerobic fermentation in 2 stages to develop a more intense but clean profile. This is because it brings out all the attributes of the variety combined with the unique flavor of the process, which is then sun-dried for 15-25 days.
We have a special affection for Shady & Elias who regularly come to Europe to talk about their passion and their coffees."
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