Tumba 407

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Flavour notes: Raisin, milk chocolate, blackcurrant, pineapple

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Located at 1,776 meters above sea level in Rwanda's Rulindo District, Northern Province, the Tumba washing station is nestled just beyond the quaint town of Mukoto. Despite its compact size of 1.2 hectares, the station has been operational since 2008 and employs a year-round team of 12 full-time staff and approximately 95 seasonal workers during peak harvest months.

At the heart of Tumba's operation are its dedicated smallholder farmers. In the 2022 production season, around 1,650 local farmers contributed their harvested coffee cherries, resulting in an impressive yield of 290,000 kilograms of processed cherry. These cherries undergo meticulous sorting and floating to ensure only the highest-density, premium-quality cherries are selected. Once sorted, the cherries are further inspected at pre-drying tables before moving on to the next phase.

Central to Tumba's processing are specially designed raised drying beds. Inspired by traditional African structures, these beds enhance airflow around the drying cherries, promoting a uniform drying process. During this critical stage, the cherries are consistently turned to prevent degradation or mold. After drying for 25-30 days, the outer shell of the cherries is mechanically stripped off, revealing the raw green coffee beans. These beans are then carefully stored under optimal conditions.

Thanks to the unique climate of the region, the station operates year-round, continuously processing coffee cherries that grow abundantly throughout the year.

The station's owner, Venuste, was formerly a primary school teacher inspired by his father's longstanding coffee trade to contribute to his community. His attention to detail, a trait honed during his teaching days, makes Tumba one of the most straightforward yet pristine stations to visit. Under Venuste's watchful supervision, the quality of coffee produced consistently stands out, carving a niche for itself among an array of excellent coffees.

Coffee info

Origin: Rulindo District, Northern Province, Rwanda

Varietals: Red Bourbon

Washing station: Tumba Station

Washing station: Multiple smallholders

Elevation: 1776masl

Process: Natural

Processing details:

Size: 200 g
Size: 200 g

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