Estrella Carvalho

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Flavour notes: Tangerine, Dates, Redcurrant, Toffee, Milk chocolate

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The roots of Estrela Carvalho were planted in the Pântano terroir in 1981, at an altitude of 1,130 meters. Born from a deep love for the land, they have dedicated themselves to cultivating its gifts. This unique combination of perfect soil, altitude, climate, and a legacy of love and respect for the environment, passed down through generations, empowers them to overcome challenges and shape the future of our business.

The Cerrado Mineiro region produces sweet and delicate coffees. The rich soil promotes uniform maturation, resulting in a cleaner and more refined cup. While each coffee has its own unique sensory profile, you'll often find predominant notes of chocolate and caramel, complemented by the floral aroma of orange blossom and the bright flavors of yellow fruits.

The team at Estrela Carvalho believes in the regeneration of the planet, people, relationships, and land. At Estrela Carvalho, regeneration begins with a reconnection to nature, an understanding of identity, and a commitment to thriving within the vast ecosystem they inhabit. This is their definition of being ecological. They are dedicated to truth and approach their work with the most genuine of intentions, holding the belief that their dreams are achievable.

The unity of their people is their path and the foundation of their actions and relationships. They fully recognize the magnitude of the challenges they face and understand that conquering them requires collective effort and shared thinking.

They value truth above all else. Their people are genuine, their relationships are authentic, and they embrace both their mistakes and successes. Through learning, persistence, and rediscovery, they stay true to their vocation of producing quality.

The synergy of talents, technical knowledge, and love for nature drives them towards more conscious agriculture. This is how they strive to create high-value products and build their story: by cultivating balance.


Coffee info

Origin: Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil

Cultivar: Catuai

Farm: Estrela Carvalho

Producer: Multiple smallholders

Elevation: 1130masl

Process: Natural

Processing details:

Size: 200 g
Size: 200 g

Product information

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