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Flavour notes: Dried peach, mango, honey, floral

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Efrain Carhuallocllo Salvador owns 4 hectares of land in the El Corazon village in the Chirinos district. Known as one of the most innovative producers in Peru, Efrain runs his farm and wet mill with extreme care and precision. He competed in the very first Cup of Excellence (CoE) competition in Peru, placing 2nd, and many believe his coffee was the best in the competition, even though it didn't win. Before and since competing in the CoE, Efrain has won numerous local and national competitions, making him one of the most decorated producers in Peru.

Efrain grows Caturra (yellow and red) and Geisha varieties. He refrains from using herbicides or pesticides, though he does apply some chemical fertilizers to improve productivity. Once harvested, Efrain's coffee rests for 24 hours under shade in plastic bags. It is then transferred to African beds where it is dried under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. The drying process for his natural coffee takes up to 40 days.

Chirinos, a district in the province of San Ignacio, is renowned for its quality coffee. It is well connected to nearby cities, with new roads and a thriving town serving as a hub for coffee buying and trade. While the coffee landscape in Chirinos is still dominated by middlemen and FTO certifications, there is a growing interest in specialty coffee. Some of the largest cooperatives in the area have been promoting quality for several years. However, many producers who are not co-op members still have little access to the market and limited support to invest in their farms and improve quality.

There are several villages in Chirinos with ideal coffee-growing conditions, situated at altitudes above 1700 MASL. Many producers still cultivate old, pure Arabica varieties. There is significant potential for quality improvement in Chirinos; with small changes and investments, producers can escape low market prices, which rarely cover production costs, and find a market for their coffee that pays well above the market rate with quality incentives.

Coffee info

Origin: Chirinos district, Peru

Varietals: Gesha


Producer: Efrain Carhualoclo

Elevation: 1700masl

Process: Natural

Processing details:

Size: 200 g
Size: 200 g

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