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Flavour notes: Grenadine, red berries, dark chocolate, blood orange

The next orders of this coffee will be roasted on July 26th, and shipped on July 29th

This exceptional lot comes to us from the Daye Bensa exporter, a community-focused business dedicated to supporting farmers. Daye Bensa provides additional bonus payments to farmers based on the volume they contribute to their station micro-lots, rewarding consistency in both volume and quality year after year.

Traceability is crucial in the production of micro lots. Detailed record-keeping and careful lot separation ensure the highest level of quality. Upon receiving the cherries, they are sorted by village and kept separate throughout drying, processing, and storage. Each batch is meticulously labeled with delivery dates, farm names, lot numbers, and other pertinent details.

Daye Bensa also runs an out-growers program that benefits farmers with off-season payments in addition to the harvest fee. They actively work to improve farmers’ living conditions, providing access to healthcare, utilities, education, and transportation infrastructure. Furthermore, Daye Bensa collaborates with school principals in nearby villages, supplying basic school materials for students.

Founded on the slopes of the Shanta Golba mountain, at an elevation of 1860 – 2160 MASL, Damo Station sources red cherries from local farmers and processes them in various ways. The station is equipped with eco-friendly depulping and pressure sorting machinery for washed coffee and fermentation tanks for anaerobic processing. It provides employment for 100 people and serves as the main income source for local farmers during coffee harvesting seasons, paying 20-30% above the average rate for coffee producers.

Coffee in this area grows under the natural shade canopy of native trees such as False Banana, Cordia Africana, Passiflora Edulis, and Eucalyptus. This lot is contributed to by 381 smallholders, each managing farms between 2-5 hectares. For the 2022/23 season, farmers were paid 70-80 Ethiopian Birr per kilogram, with an additional off-season payment of 3-5 Birr per kilogram.

This is a naturally processed lot. Cherries are sorted by density and quality by floating them in large water tanks. After flotation, the cherries are transferred to African raised beds with mesh nets, where they are rotated every 30 minutes to ensure even dryness and controlled fermentation. The drying process takes approximately 12-15 days, depending on temperature and humidity. Once dried, the cherries are stored in warehouses for flavor development.

Coffee info

Origin: Sidamo, Ethiopia

Varietals: Mixed Heirlooms

Farm: Damo Station

Collective: Multiple smallholders

Elevation: 2000masl

Process: Natural

Processing details:

Size: 200 g
Size: 200 g

Product information

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